by Alcantara

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released December 24, 2016



all rights reserved


BIGORNA DISCOS São José Dos Campos, Brazil

Selo Independente


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Track Name: Respect
Don´t underestimate people from different genres
She decided to work to give support to her family
He chose to love with no afraid without being judged

It´s so difficult for you respect each others?
You are not a God to tell them what to do
Just the way you want
Just the way you like
Track Name: Sooner or Later
Where the stars can see you lying on the grass
While the moon lighting above my skin
The Skies seems so grey at daylight
Buildings and more buildings
Rising from the ground

I am leaving the town
I was wondering if you could
So would you like to walk with me?

Sooner or Later
Track Name: Endless Sea
I´ve been asking myself
If I was living or Just surviving another day?
Someday I´ll find my answers
Someday I´ll find out by myself

It´s like I am drowning in a endless sea
That I called troubles in my head
Someday I´ll find my achor someday...
Track Name: Done
You can´t bring me down
You can´t bring me down
Wrong attitudes doesn´t justify
Choices had been made
We are not in the same path

Because decisions can´t interferer
What is done is up to you
Step by step I´ve tried
There´s nothing can I do
Track Name: Yes or No
If you follow a wave just to please your friends
You may commit a big mistake
If you say yes or no to to impress those girls and boys
You may commit a big mistake

True until a day
I won´t do this for your fashions
True until a day
I just do it by myself
Track Name: Six Strings Twenty One Frets
I am not perfect and nobody is
But still I am trying my very best to be what I want
I am not looking for fame
I am not looking for money
I just want to have a good time
I just want to have a good day

When Six Strings And Twenty One Freets
Express themselves a lot way better than thousand mouths
Track Name: Dust
Looking in the mirror I can see
How time has passed through my eyes
Lovely people with grey hair
My friends are dying very slow

Death can´t lie to me

Dust can´t destroy my memories
My memory don´t tell me lies
Track Name: How Dare You
How dare you teach me something you don´t know?
Don´t you realize all those things you shouldn´t say before?
But now it´s too late for you
Pretend to be wise

Violence won´t be solution
Prejudice won´t be solution
Racism won´t be solution
Your hatred is in vain

You consider people with different visions
As your enemies just like your allies do
Track Name: Sea of Cowards
The sea of cowards sinking a nation
Don´t give yourself to the fear.